We help plumbing businesses grow their brand with social media.

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A message from Jered

In today's world there's nothing more powerful than social media.

If used properly in your business a sound social media strategy will develop brand awareness,bring in customers, sell more work, and attract talented employees. As of July 2022 82% of people in the United States are on social media. That means that 82% of your potential customers are ready and available to learn why they should hire your company over the other guys.

Mixed with the ability to send your content to a “specific audience”, i.e. homeowners in your area, social media becomes a powerful tool for local service companies. You can now send a specific message to your ideal customers multiple times a month until they begin to know, like and trust your brand.

What social media did for my plumbing company

The stronger your brand, the easier it becomes to operate your service business. I would know because social media has changed my plumbing business drastically.

Before social media my business spent thousands of dollars on Google ad words and other forms of advertising. But I was getting a bunch of tire kickers and cheapos calling my plumbing business! Who didn’t appreciate our service, didn’t like our prices, wanted the cheapest & easiest fix and didn’t know why we were better than the others guys.

So we developed a social media strategy that pre-primed our customers. Getting them to know, like and trust us before they ever called us on the phone. Which ultimately got us more customers who were ready to buy our services, appreciated the quality of our service, didn’t have objections to the price and gave us hundreds of five-star reviews.

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Since then my plumbing business has exploded

Annual Revenue
Paying Customers
People Reached
Trucks on the Road

Why I founded Plumbsocial

After experiencing phenomenal success developing my own social media strategy I wanted to share what I learned with others. I saw an opportunity that a lot of service businesses didn’t even know they had! Helping businesses use the same strategy I developed to achieve success, grow their profits, book more calls, get better customers, and hire amazing employees excites me.

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The Strategy

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Develop your message to your ideal customers.

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Build content that grabs attention.

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Use industry leading social media tools.

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Systemize your social media.

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Strategies to gain more traction.

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Advertise across platforms.


Done For You

Social Media Services

  • Everything done for you
  • Implement our 7 figure strategy
  • 1 on 1 kick of call
  • Onboarding
  • We build all the content
  • Schedule all the content
  • Ad Management
  • Monthly Check Ins